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12 oz. Whole Beans

12 oz. Whole Beans

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Illuminate roasted by Epiphany Coffee Co.

You can now take a taste of Hideout home! Used for all of our espresso drinks, Illuminate is just as delicious for any drip or home brewed coffee.

Guatemala - Ceiba Core (Washed Process), and Colombia Los Nubes (Wahsed Process).

Medium-Dark Roast

Our house roast that aims to shine a light to any coffee drinker. This medium-bodied coffee is bold, but clean with flavors of Caramel, Baking Spices and Chocolate Drizzle. Roasted in Garden City, ID.

"Coffee that brings you up and won't let you down."

Please note: coffee is roasted once a week and may take a week for your order to be processed and shipped.

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